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Pella® 250 Series

Exceptional performance and style — Pella® 250 Series windows look great and are stronger and more energy-efficient than ordinary vinyl. Explore this quality collection of competitively priced, low-maintenance windows.

Exceptional energy-saving


InsulShield® Low-E insulating double-pane glass comes standard.

– Great for climates with hot and cold weather extremes.
– Blocks 84% of the sun’s fading ultraviolet rays with
Advanced Low-E.

Optional triple-pane glass. Maximizes your home’s energy efficiency.

– Pella 250 Series products with triple-pane glass are 54% – 77% more energy-efficient than single-pane windows.
– Blocks 86% of the sun’s fading ultraviolet rays with Advanced Low-E glass.

Optional foam insulation. Increases energy performance.

A higher quality look

than ordinary vinyl

Full frame profile with edge detailing. A more stylish design than ordinary vinyl windows.

Attention to detail. The interior sash corner welds on Pella 250 Series products are less visible than on typical vinyl, for a more attractive look.

Our most popular design options.

– Simulated-Divided-Light grilles for the authentic look of individual windowpanes.
– Three styles of grilles-between-the-glass that create an easy-to-clean smooth glass surface.

They stand up to weather

better and last longer than ordinary vinyl products

Outstanding weather resistance. Weather-repel design channels water away from the home.

Stronger than ordinary vinyl. Multichambered vinyl frames and reinforced sashes are 52% stronger.

Fewer worries about warping, sagging or bowing vinyl. Precision welding process helps ensure windows will resist warping or twisting over time.

More peace and quiet

Noise reduction

Optional triple-pane glass helps reduce outside noise.

AutoLock hardware automatically locks windows when shut. Simply close your window and confirm it is latched.

Limited opening latches. When engaged, they keep the window from being opened more than a few inches – helping prevent children from opening the window further.*

*Override feature allows window to be opened in an emergency.

PELLA 250 Series


Explore this quality collection of competitively priced, low-maintenance windows.

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