8 Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

It’s hard to predict how long your New England home’s windows will last. Product quality, materials, placement, weather conditions and maintenance efforts can affect their longevity. Frames and sashes tend to deteriorate sooner in moist, windy locales. To determine if a window needs replacement, look for these signs:

Excessively High Expenses

1. Burdensome heating bills may indicate that you have old, leaky windows. Check for drafts around the frames, and notice if you feel significantly colder when you stand near the glass. Dual-paned glass has the potential to reduce heating costs by nearly one-quarter in northern states, according to HomeAdvisor.

2. If you’re spending too much time and money on maintenance, think about replacing wooden units with new vinyl or aluminum windows. Wood frames often become vulnerable to moisture, fungi and wood-boring insects as they age. Your maintenance and repair expenses may eventually exceed the cost of new windows.

Signs of Deterioration

3. Consider buying replacements when numerous moving parts stop working. Don’t put up with broken cranks or locks that won’t hold windows shut. These problems can create serious safety and security risks. They also reduce the value of your home; a potential buyer or house inspector probably won’t overlook such defects.

4. If you feel tired or strained after opening and shutting your windows, start saving money to replace them. Sashes and screens should slide up and down with ease, and they ought to stay in place when you let go. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to escape from a fire.

5. A window normally needs replacement if the frame or sash has warped, rotted or begun falling apart. The same holds true when fog and condensation appear between the layers of glass. It’s usually not economical to solve these problems by performing repairs.

6. Do you notice decaying paint on pre-1979 sashes? If so, lead particles may enter the air when you open and shut them. This substance can poison people and trigger major health problems. You should only hire an installer who has been trained to safely remove lead paint.

Sights and Sounds

7. If your windows are unattractive or don’t match the house, you may benefit from replacing them. Old wooden frames might look out of place in an otherwise modern home. Likewise, modern vinyl windows probably won’t complement a historic building’s decor.

8. Replacements may prove desirable if you still hear too much outdoor noise after tightly closing both sashes. An aging window might also rattle when heavy vehicles approach your home. These sounds can make it more difficult to sleep, communicate or focus on tasks. Dual-paned glass often deflects far more noise and enhances privacy.

If you notice one or more of these signs, Pella Windows & Doors can provide an effective, affordable solution. Our company has more than nine decades of experience in this industry. Pella products feature superior quality and energy efficiency. Please contact our nearest office in Massachusetts or Rhode Island to get started.